Technical Difficulties

Beginning this last week I have been experiencing a few technical difficulties with my computer randomly shutting off while I am performing the usual tasks required for preparing blog posts. (I know this is normal for all of you PC users, but I have been spoiled with a Mac for several years now, and it is unusual for me!) So have no fear, with a plethora of projects to share, they will be coming as soon as a work-around is discovered.

There are also a few things in the works that I can’t wait to share. I am just working on programming aspects that are way over my head. Sometimes “It’s just not right!” that I have to “do coding” in order to complete a project. My Bassett Hound would have better luck studying quantum physics! After all I prefer to just design and create. I am sooo not a programmer! But on the other hand, asking dumb questions of genius software designers that live overseas, is an exercise in humility. Combine that with stubborn determination, a creative type that doesn’t know any better even though she should, hours plugging in numbers randomly to see what happens to the code each time, and who knows what new creation will surface! If a completed project doesn’t show up each week, it may be because I am working on one of those 40 hour, or yes, even 80 hour projects.

In the mean time, (as my computer just crashed again) it is a perfect opportunity to ponder the deeper questions in life, and practice not “freaking out” about electronic circumstances, no matter how aggravating they may be. I am reminded daily (and sometimes hourly) how much I don’t have all the answers to life’s questions. Thankfully, God does and we can go to Him.

So if a “deep thoughts” post shows up; following is my disclaimer. If I get a glimpse of a corner OF a truth, that is sooo very different from claiming to have a corner ON the truth.  God often puts something in my heart that shocks my mind and I may initially want to reject it. But if it keeps coming back and feels like an “Ah-Ha!” moment, I am forced to consider it. When I attempt to share it, it can be miss-understood, and it is possible that I, myself miss-understood it to begin with. (i.e. That I am wrong.) The fear of being wrong or presumptuous would be a sorry excuse for never taking the risk to share something that could bring, life, hope, beauty, and truth to someone and thereby glory to my Heavenly Father. I refuse to be enslaved by fear. I wish it was possible to be “right” about things all the time, but I realize that that is impossible, because we only see part of the picture. So in all humility, I ask for grace, that we may anticipate and discover moments of beauty together!

Regarding wisdom & grace: James 1:5 & 1 Corinthians 1

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